Papua New Guinea

A stunning coffee with the complexity and alluring flavor reminiscent of old-style Jamaican Blue Mountain, Papua New Guinea AA offers a balanced, full-bodied cup with luminous acidity and superb aroma.

Papua (PAP oo uh) New Guinea, an independent state of New Guinea, lies in the eastern half of the rugged tropical island and owns an intriguing coffee history. Seedlings from the Jamaican Blue Mountain region were imported to Papua New Guinea in 1927 and planted in luxuriant soil at elevations of 5,000 to 6,000 feet. The seedlings thrived and today this heirloom arabica coffee rivals the mild, mellow qualities of Jamaican Blue Mountain before Jamaica turned to higher-yield, less flavorful hybrid varieties of arabica.

Papua New Guinea's tropical coastline gives way to rain forests, but the central region consists primarily of highlands. Our Papua New Guinea AA is cultivated in the deep volcanic soil of those highlands. It unites high-altitude body with the clean acidity characteristic of coffee processed in the washed tradition of the region. Simply put, this is coffee on a grand scale.

Papua New Guinea
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