Colombia Supremo Popayan

A traditional favorite, Colombia Supremo Popayan grows in the rich soil of the deeply admired Cauca region (market name Popayan) of the Sierra Nevadas. Medium-bodied with balanced acidity, subtle berry tones, and classic aroma, this coffee is classified Supremo for its bean size. A cool mountainous climate prolongs the development of the Popayan's coffee cherry, deepening the berry flavor absorbed by its seed, or coffee bean. This flavor is accentuated during the fermentation stage when the defruited bean is wet-processed. Expressing itself as lush fruit in a sweetly-toned body, the Popayan exemplifies the classic cup.

Second only to Brazil in coffee production, Colombia is arguably the world's most familiar coffee origin due to the enormously successful promotional campaign the country has mounted. Colombia harvests the largest quantity of specialty-grade coffees which are typically high-grown, hand-sorted, and wet-processed, a method that promotes the prized qualities of acidity and flavor. It is the only South American coffee producer with both Atlantic and Pacific ports, affording the country a distinct shipping advantage. Coffee is so central to its economy that cars seeking to enter the country must first be sprayed for harmful bacteria.

Colombia Supremo Popayan
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