Guatemala Antigua

The Guatemala Antigua is what every high-grown coffee aspires to be. Intensely aromatic and heavy-bodied with spirited acidity and rich suggestions of spice. Volcanic soils and a temperate climate provide ideal growing conditions for the Antigua, Guatemala's most distinguished highland coffee. The country continues to cultivate much of its traditional typica and bourbon arabica varieties preferred for their exceptional flavor. In contrast, some other Latin American coffee growers have turned increasingly to modern hybrid varieties of arabica which are more disease-resistant and high-yielding, yet tend to render a less distinctive cup.

Guatemala's predominant use of heirloom arabica varieties may account for the complexity of its coffee. Aside from offering superior bean quality, traditional arabicas preserve the country's idyllic ecosystem. Modern hybrids are sun-grown, whereas most Guatemalan coffees flourish in bird-sheltering shade among native trees and shrubs. Birds, in turn, serve as natural agents of insect control and eliminate the need for pesticides. The Guatemala Antigua represents the perfect union of nature and nurture.

Guatemala Antigua
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