Costa Rica Tarrazu

Costa Rica Tarrazu is recognized as a world-class, superbly balanced classic. Bright citrus notes complement its generous body, crisp acidity, and clean finish. Cultivated in the mountainous Tarrazu region recognized as Costa Rica's foremost coffee producing district, the Tarrazu flourishes in fertile volcanic soil and a mild Pacific climate. This is a coffee accustomed to lofty expectations and one that is certain to exceed yours.

Costa Rica's coffee cultivation began in 1779 with seedlings imported from Cuba. Within fifty years coffee had surpassed all other agricultural products to become the country's most lucrative export. Costa Rica is the only Central American nation to mandate that its coffee producers grow arabica coffee varieties exclusively. Owing to stringent quality-control measures employed during processing, premier Costa Rican coffees are meticulously wet-processed and embody a standard of excellence unequalled among other Latin American coffees. The Tarrazu is one of those jewels. Designated as Strictly Hard Bean (SHB), Costa Rica's highest grade, the Tarrazu's slow-maturing beans yield superior flavor, body, and acidity.

Costa Rica Tarrazu
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